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Longan Red Date Goji Tea Bags 4.23oz 6x20g

Longan Red Date Goji Tea Bags 4.23oz 6x20g

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  • 【❀ Premium ingredients】: We choose premium Large grain longan from Fujian, jujube slices without food additives from Xinjiang, high-nutrient wolfberry from Ningxia. The perfect combination of these three ingredients creates a healthy and tasty drink tea
  • 【❀ Healthy Life】: Red dates, Guiyuan, goji berry tea does not contain any additional sugar, and the combo ratio is reasonable to retain the original sweet taste. Drinking tea regularly is a healthy way of life. Make a good pot of tea, share with friends, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle together
  • 【❀ Individually Wrapped】: BESTORE teas are all individually packaged for the best flavor, freshness and aroma, allowing you to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Easy to brew, convenient to enjoy a good tea break time
  • 【❀ Brew Method】: Use 100°c to brew for three minutes. You can also add ice cubes and drink it cold. It can be brewed repeatedly until the color is light and the tea becomes tasteless. You can add rock sugar, black sugar or honey according to personal taste
  • 【❀ Taboo population】: Suggested tea for pregnant women, lactating women, children under the age of 14 should not drink


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