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Crispy Jujube Fruit No Add Sugar 3PACK 3.52 oz

Crispy Jujube Fruit No Add Sugar 3PACK 3.52 oz

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  • 【Attention!! 】: We use machine to remove date pits. Date pits sometimes may appear, please pay more attention when eating for kids and the elderly
  • 【Crispy Red Dates for Snacks】: Have you ever eaten red dates for snacks? Try our red dates! It is sweet and tasty, crispy but not hard, melt in your mouth, once you’ve tasted, we know you won’t turn back!
  • 【Preferred Fresh Jujube】: Selected from Chinese Huanghua fresh jujube , each small jujube is plump and round with small core and thin skin, the size is uniform, sweet and juicy as a chinese style fruit snack
  • 【Independent Package】: Each package of 100 grams of crispy jujube contains an independent small package, which is convenient to carry and share with friends and relatives, stashing in your purse or backpack for snacking on the go
  • 【Enjoy Time】: Great for everyday snacks, light camping/backpacking, you can share with your friends and family, Add to favorite recipes, granola, or as a afternoon tea / office Snacks


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