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Freeze Dried Durian 3PACK 1.29 OZ

Freeze Dried Durian 3PACK 1.29 OZ

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  • 【Made from 100% Fresh Durian】: Durian is widely known as the King of Fruit, and our dried durian is premium Golden Pillow durian, freshly imported from Thailand. When you open the package, you can smell a REAL durian. The dried durian also tastes like fresh durian, which people can't stop eating
  • 【Natural and Sweeter Taste】: Only use Golden Pillow Durian imported from Thailand. Mature pulp is more natural and sweeter. Pure pulp is more nutritious and we refuse to use fruit puree, to ensure that every dried durian you eat is of best quality
  • 【FD Freeze-Drying Technology】: Freeze-drying is a process that removes 99% of the moisture from fruits, while retaining most of the color, flavor and nutrients. We select our freshest fruits straight from the best growing regions in the world. Fresh fruit is then gently stripped of moisture directly through our most advanced process, transforming it into a delightfully light and delicious fruit crisp. Nothing artificial, just fruit
  • 【3 Packs for Best Value】: Each package contains three servings of dried durian, which can be ground into powder and sprinkled on desserts or cereal for a unique afternoon tea
  • 【Enjoy Time】: You can conveniently slip these durian snack packs in your bag or your children's snack box, so you and your family can always have a fruity and nutritious treat in hand. It is also perfect for backpacking,camping or as a on the go snack


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